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About IFA

In 1976 a few friends with a heartfelt burden for the continent of Africa started talking to God about this continent. They asked Him for help, counsel, guidance and enlightenment so that solutions might be found for the many problems in Africa. God responded in stating His purposes for Africa, giving prophesies, promises and instructions. Thus a House of Prayer was born… In the years to follow it expanded continentally and in 1985 The Africa House of Prayer was registered under the official name of Intercessors for Africa. Its headquarters at present is in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Africa House of Prayer is not a church , political organisation or profit making enterprise, but a forum for strategic prayer and spiritual warfare for those who love Africa and have a burden for the establishment of God’s will and purposes on this continent.

The Restoration of the Prophetic Destiny of the African Continent and the Black Race

IFA is a prayer movement which seeks to see the Restoration of the Prophetic Destiny of the African Continent and the Black Race by:

  • Raising Houses of Prayer in the Nations for Effective Intercession and Strategic Prayer
  • Raising spiritually mature and skilled resource stewards and servant leaders at all levels of public life
  • Raising and discipling the up and coming generations to take responsibility for the Nations of Africa
  • Modeling kingdom lifestyle in personal life, family and workplace
  • Serving as a prophetic voice to the Nations
  • Networking with like-minded groups in building the Body of Christ to take responsibility for their communities and nations
  • Transforming the Royal Traditional Institutions into godly custodians of the land and culture
  • To raise prayer for and promote friendship with Israel

We are motivated by love for the Lord Jesus and the continent of Africa, knowledge of the redemptive purpose of God for this continent, the current situations of misery, poverty and injustice in Africa and obedience to our Lord and Saviour.