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The  AHOP Conference has been postponed until further notice.

In 1976 a few friends with a heartfelt burden for the continent of Africa started talking to God about this continent. They asked Him for help, counsel, guidance and enlightenment so that solutions might be found for the many problems in Africa. God responded in stating His purposes for Africa, giving prophesies, promises and instructions. Thus a House of Prayer was born… In the years to follow it expanded continentally and in 1985 The Africa House of Prayer was registered under the official name of Intercessors for Africa. Its headquarters at present is in Nairobi, Kenya.


Psalms 9:1-2

I will praise You, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will tell of all Your marvelous works. 2 I will be glad and rejoice in You; I will sing praise to Your name, O Most High.


Psalms 9

Vs 3 Lets pray that the enemies of Africa will fall and perish at God’s presence

Vs 4 God to sit on His throne to give the righteous justice

Vs 5 God to rebuke/destroy and blot out  the nations which have arisen against Africa

Vs7/8 God who has prepared His throne for judgment, invite Him to judge and administer judgment to the world in righteousness.

Vs 9 God to refuge Africans and the poor of the world in this season of the pandemic

Vs 12 God to remember the cry of the humble and to avenge their blood.

Vs 13 pray that God will have mercy on Africa, and to consider our trouble from those who hate us and to lift us up from the gates of death and covid 19

Vs 14 tell God we want to rejoice in the His salvation and to fulfill our purpose.

Vs15 Pray and ask God to sink every man and woman to every pit they have dug for black race, Africans, pray that the net of the vaccines they have prepared for Africans will catch their feet.

Vs 16/17 pray that the wicked will be snared in the work of their own hands

Vs 18 Ask God to remember the needy and the expectation of the poor of Africa

Vs 19 Ask God to arise and not to let the wicked prevail against His plan and purposes for Africa

Vs 20 Ask God to put them in fear that the nations will know themselves to be but men.

Bless Africa and the nation of Israel.

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Verse of the week ~

Psalms 9:9

The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed,

A refuge in times of trouble.

Psalms 9:12

When He avenges blood, He remembers them;

He does not forget the cry of the humble.


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