Africa Prayer School (APS)

This is a ministry of the Intercessors for Africa. It seeks to teach, train and mobilize the church to prayer and intercession for the African nations, Africans in Diaspora and our generation to see the fulfilment of God’s agenda for nations.

Africa is the continent in the heart of the Almighty God. Over the years the Lord has been speaking through visions and prophecies concerning what He is about to do in this continent. These words from the Lord have been a great encouragement in the place of prayer as we stood assured that the Lord’s plan for the continent remained unchanged. This indeed requires massive prayer to see its fulfilment. The enemy has continuously targeted Africa to deface her and relegate her in such a way that it would be almost justified to say, “Africa has no place in the plan of God”. It is an evil design that we need to counter in Prayer and help Africa arise to her glorious destiny.

We must understand

  • Destiny is corporate.
  • There is a battle over Africa. The New Age want to put their hold in Africa before the church realizes where she is, since they have discerned that Africa is the continent of this Millennium.
  • We must understand that there is no local church, ministry or denomination by itself alone that can subdue a nation no matter how large they may be.


To establish prayer schools where believers in a territory (territorial church) will constantly and regularly pray together to see the following happen:-


One Key to transformation is for God’s order to occur in each Region. When strategic intercessors are aligned with apostolic leaders, breakthroughs begin.

Experience Apostolic & Prophetic Move In Every Region

  • intercessors keep the heavens open as they carry the burden of God
  • prophetic people make key declarations into the atmosphere as they begin to express God’s heart
  • apostles set the decrees in motion as they declare the revelation or blueprint of heaven and bring it into an established form in the earth realm

Through intercession to see an outshoot of apostolic and prophetic ministries that go beyond the four walls of the church (Market place, government, Professionals and church) in changing the face of Africa. This will seek to bring solutions to perennial problems endemic in Africa. God has a plan for Africa, our destiny is corporate. We need to engage God in prayer to see Africa come to her destiny.


Schools of prayer run as organized by various national offices. In nations where we do not have national offices, you can get in touch with us and we will help you in running the school. Our goal is to train nationals to help in raising many more schools and building National Prayer Movements in the nations. We use conferences and seminars also to sensitize regions, nations and communities to the need of prayer and corporate prayer as a tool of transformation in their places. We encourage that participants be drawn form a wider body of Jesus Christ rather than just one church but can also be done through churches that have a burden for their nation and community

Prayer School Curricular – Harmonised

A Vision
1 Prayer school vision (includes vision for local IFA network)
2 Africa & Redemptive call for Nations
Prayer and Intercession
3 Ministry of Prayer Includes developing a lifestyle of prayer, calling to prayer, prayer as a ministry
4 Intercession and end time church
B Prophetic church
5 Priesthood of Believers History of priesthood (Levitical), garments of priesthood, qualifications, Order of priesthoodMelchizedek
6 Territorial church
7 Israel and the church/nations
8 Gates and Praying for cities (includes raising elders at the gates)
C Spiritual warfare
9 Foundations & Covenants (Generational sins and deliverance, curses, covenants)
10 Power of Altars altars and dealing with idolatry
11 Spiritual mapping (research)
12 Spiritual Journeys Prayer walking, missions
13 Heavens and their spiritual impact Praying into gates of time
14 Dealing with water spirits
15 Building a National Prayer Movement

Download The Prayer School Curricular in PDF